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Packing box room is a kind of building mode that can quickly assemble complete sets of houses.
Its main features are easy demolition, convenient storage, and can be reused many times with the nature of the temporary housing.
In addition to some mainstream methods, the packing box room can be directly hoisted in the installation process. This method is mainly used on some packing box rooms that have already been used in the installation process. In the process of relocation, the enterprise hoisted and relocated the whole packing box room. In this process, it is relatively simple not to disassemble and install the packing box room.
Weifang Zhongding Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has received strong support from leaders at all levels, all walks of life and customers and friends. The company has been developing for 10 years, with a registered capital of 10 million and more than 150 employees. It is a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in temporary construction projects. The company is committed to the design, production, sales and installation of packing boxes, fast-fit boxes, mobile houses, steel structures and fences.
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national free advisory hotline: 400-698-8089
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